Vetronics Research Centre
Vetronics Research Centre

Programmes cleared for public release as of July 2010. Contact us for information on current research.

Completed Mainstream Research

Other Completed Programmes

Current Research Programmes

  • Platform Vetronics System Of Systems Enterprise Architectures
  • Vetronics Integrity Monitoring and Management
  • Platform Vetronics Survivability Strategies
  • LSA: Platform Video Integration and Wireless Technologies

Government and Industry Activities

Invited Exhibitions

Vetronics Verification and Validation Testbed

The Vetronics Verification and Validation (VVV) testbed is a flexible embedded systems network that has been continuously developed and expanded by the VRC, and used as a tool to evaluate current and future vetronic networks and systems


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VVV Testbed

Mobile Integrated Demonstrator Testbed (Buggy)

The “buggy” was designed by the VRC as a validation platform for Vetronics Integration following the VSI standards and guidelines.  Applications include X-by-Wire, LSA, HUMS, Automotive Utilities, Crewstation and Vehicle Management, and Telemetry with remote Real Time Video Streaming.  Technologies inserted to support these applications include TTP, MilCAN, Ethernet, and WLAN.


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VRC Buggy

MilCAN Certification Testbed

The MilCAN Conformance Testbed has been developed by the VRC in conjunction with the MilCAN Working Group (MWG) to conduct conformance testing of MilCAN-A enabled devices. It is being supported by the MWG and the UK MOD as MilCAN is one of the prime VSI standards.


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MilCAN Conformance

Knowledge Transfer and Training

The VRC aims to provide academic and professional training in the field of Vetronics, including digital electronics, communications, networks, and embedded systems. Specialised short courses, workshops, seminars, and open days are available on request.


The VRC is available for consultancy work on military and civilian applications of its research expertise.

Members of the VRC can also partake in private consultancy following approval by the VRC.