X-By-Wire technology demonstration vehicle

The X-By-Wire Technology Demonstration Vehicle was developed by the VRC as a test and demonstration platform for vetronics technologies. Features include complete drive by wire control, glass cockpit crew stations and vehicle management system, real-time telemetry and video streaming. Technologies used to support these applications include TTP, MilCAN, Ethernet, and WLAN.

Project aims

The X-by-Wire vehicle aims to provide a basis for evaluation and demonstration various technology combinations. The flexible and accessible nature of the vehicle allows innovative technology ideas to be quickly tested at low cost. So far these include:

  • X-by-Wire on TTP/C. Steer (with Feedback), Throttle, Brake-by-Wire over TTP/C
  • Utilities: Lights, sensors, ancillary systems, etc, over MilCAN
  • Driver helmet/camera turret tracking
  • Video distribution: Multiple cameras on Gigabit Ethernet
  • Wireless connectivity: Multiple WiFi based networks for Video streaming and Data telemetry
  • Glass cockpit: Vehicle instrumentation and HUMS display
  • Intelligent bridging: Fully managed and configurable cross network bridging (TTP/C, MilCAN, Ethernet, WiFi).
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Intelligent battery system

Project findings and impact

The project has enabled numerous research findings that underpin a significant portion of the cooperating VRC research projects. Many research conclusions are only possible through physical testing and real world evaluations made possible by this vehicle.