MilCAN testbed rig

The MilCAN testbed is a platform that is used in evaluating vetronics components and embedded networks. It has been employed in development, testing and demonstration of current and future vetronics technologies. The testbed emulates three different segments namely: Automotive, Utilities, and Multimedia. These segments emulate real-life scenarios of the above mentioned vehicle domains. The three segments are interconnected through MilCAN and Ethernet using a Bridge which is configurable through a Graphical User Interface (GUI) enabling emulation of a vehicle performance and dynamics in a laboratory set up.

Project aims

The aim of this project is to provide a basis for evaluating and demonstrating various vetronics technology combinations as they would be used in a real vehicle. The flexible and accessible nature of the testbed allows innovative ideas to be developed and rapidly assessed at low cost.

These include:

  • Utilities: Power monitor, GPS receiver, Accelerometer, RF link
  • Automotive: Wheels, Lights, Engine, Pedals, Steering wheel
  • Multimedia: Camera control
  • Intelligent bridging: Fully managed and configurable cross network bridging (MilCAN, Ethernet)

Project findings and impact

This project is the bedrock for numerous VRC projects involving development of new ideas and assessment of technologies which are then evaluated against real life scenarios on this testbed. Various results on the performance of new functionality are validated through physical testing and real world emulation made possible by this testbed.