Multi-sink multi-source video distribution

As high definition (HD) video sensors such as 4K and 8K become more common placed, the challenges of HD video distribution become more apparent. High bandwidth utilisation and management of multi-source multi-sink video are two major problems that HD video distribution introductions. This project looks at how networking technologies used in High Performance Computing could be used to mitigate against this.

Project aims

The aim of this project was to investigate how HD video can distributed. This research assesses techniques of achieving high bandwidth and low latency in HPC and draws an architecture of how they could be applied to video distribution.

Project findings and impact

The project conducts a background investigation of how video distribution is current achieved and discusses how network techniques used in HPC can be used to achieve HD video distribution. Techniques such as zero-copy can be exploited to help alleviate the issue of high bandwidth and CPU utilisation. In addition, different fabrics such as InfiniBand could be used as they provide lower latencies than traditional Ethernet.