Vetronics Architect

Research includes a methodology for the assessment, verification and validation of System Engineering models of vetronics systems through model execution in a virtual behavioural simulation environment.

Project aims

The approach aims to provide improved methods for executing Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) models of vetronics to assess their design, operation and systems of systems cooperation in a virtual environment. This shall allow for early-de-risking and cost-efficient prototyping of the designed systems in a virtual environment to discover advantages/disadvantages and benefits that can drive the system requirements before procuring their development. IBM® Rational® Harmony™ for Systems Engineering in IBM® Rational® was used for the systems design and Unity Technologies® Unity3D® was used for the virtual 3D behavioural simulation environment.

MBSE practices A 3D virtual environment based.

Project findings and impact

A methodology and toolset was developed that follows the steps of the classical V lifecycle in systems engineering design using IBM® Rational® DOORS® and Rhapsody®, including tools for configuring the Unity3D® environment to execute the configured models. The methodology makes it possible to highlight elements such as requirements in the final stages of the behavioural simulation (the 3D environment running configurable scenarios) to allow their traceability for running quick ‘what-if’ design changes and modifications such as technology substitution. Information such as Costs, operational behaviour and compliance with upcoming open architectures standards can be assessed using this methodology.